There are a ton of great trends this fall, and we’ve blogged about a few of them – purple and plaid and tweed, just to name a couple. I’ve liked all of those from the start, but then there’s one that is just beginning to grow on me – combo dresses.

Combo dresses are the dresses that look like you’re wearing a skirt and top instead of a dress. I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy one of these. It’s not because I don’t like don’t like the way they look. In fact, I think they’re pretty tailored and sophisticated. The problem I have with them is the same one I have with the sweaters with built-in camisoles. It just feels like I’m cheating. To me they look like cute outfits, but outfits I bought pre-assembled. Plus, since they look like shirt-and-skirt combos, it frustrates me that I don’t have the option of wearing them separately.

But as I said before, I’m beginning to change my mind. Mostly it’s because there are some that are so darn cute. Also, even though you can’t wear the pieces separately, they’re probably cheaper than it would be to buy the shirt and top on their own. And secretly, I hate tucking shirts in, so the dresses achieve the same look without the bunching. Here are a couple I love:

Wool flannel golden roses dress

Reg: $195.00
Now: $139.99

ABS by Allen Schwartz Combo Dress
Reg: $245.00
Now: $110.25