We’ve heard from numerous women about the everlasting struggle to look professional, fashionable, AND stay comfortable while on your feet at work.  Serving multiple purposes — allowing us to run from meeting to meeting, commute by foot, and add the final stylish touch to an outfit — comfortable shoes are obviously of utmost importance!

This week,  Corporette, “a fashion and lifestyle blog for overachieving chicks”, wrote a piece highlighting shoes that enable standing on your feet for hours.  We couldn’t resist sharing it with you.  Not only does she provide her own advice on comfortable footwear, but there are nearly 50 commenters who chimed in with their own thoughts too!

A sneak peek of what’s included in the post:

– Corporette highlights a number of comfortable shoe options and brands

– The suggestions are broken down based on your desired price range

– Tips for alleviating shoe pain both while it’s happening and after the fact

For more, check out Corporette’s full post and suggestions for finding comfortable shoes.

And, please share! What brands or styles would you personally vouch for?  When you’re considering purchasing a pair of shoes, how do you assess their likely comfort level? Overall, which is more important to you when it comes to shoes: style or comfort?


On the topic of comfortable shoes, just a few Salemail finds from today:

Cole Haan Air pump: Reg $198, Now $98.90

Delman sude flat: Reg $295, Now $139

Biviel pump: Reg $149.95, Now $85.29

Cole Haan Air wedges: Reg $198, Now $97.02