reginalewisWhen it comes to fashion, you’ve got gifts covered. But what about presents of the non-clothing variety? LaToya Drake from AOL and blogger with is here to tell us when and where to find this season’s hottest gifts — beyond the world of apparel.

We haven’t successfully passed Halloween, but walk into any store and you will likely see Christmas decorations on the shelves. Surprise! Tis the season for holiday shopping! Last minute shoppers take note: the National Retail Federation says 40% of consumers are expected to start their holiday shopping before Halloween.

So what’s the best time to start holiday shopping? One word: NOW. Some of the hottest gifts this season are already selling out, and with retailers carefully managing inventory this year, once it’s gone…it’s gone. After being stuck over with excess inventory in 2008, this year many retailers have scaled back their purchases. For consumers that means less merchandise on the shelves, and an emphasis on buy it now vs. later, otherwise you might find yourself out of luck on hot gifts.

You can always count on the Shop it to Me team to provide fashion guidance when it comes to gifts, but here are a few non fashion-related gifts to get now:

Zhu Zhu Pets

Zhu Zhu pets, the season’s hottest toy for kids are sold out at Toys R Us, but you may have luck finding these popular pet hamsters at e-tailers like Amazon.


e-Book Readers

If you’re dying to read or re-read fashionista favorites like The Devil Wears Prada, Twilight or New Moon, then e-readers like the Kindle and the new Sony Reader are for you. Another big release is the iRex e-reader, which will offer books from Barnes & Noble.


Image Source: Amazon


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Other hot gifts to watch out for include: