Christian Louboutin for Barbie - brought to you by Net-A-Porter!

Just when you think Barbie has it all — Dream House, pink Mustang convertible, and the perfect man — Christian Louboutin has to go and add his signature red-sole stilettos to her never-ending wardrobe. Say hello to Cat Burglar Barbie by Christian Louboutin, available exclusively at


Doll-collectors and fashion lovers rejoice! Cat Burglar Barbie can be yours – complete with four pairs of flashy spiked heels and adorable mini-shoe boxes – for, ahem, $150. It’s almost like the real thing! I joke, but truth is, for the first time since age 6 I’d be delighted to find a Barbie beneath the Christmas tree!


So, if you’re not ready to splurge on a $600+ pair for yourself (or four for that matter), you can always entertain your inner child and live through Barbie!

Would you ever spend $150 for this collector item?