Happy New Year Fashion Friends!

Heading into 2022 you might think that you need to totally re-make-over your entire wardrobe and force color upon yourself. Maybe your wardrobe really does need a total makeover, but that doesn't mean that you should only focus on things out of your comfort zone.

Yes, a pop of color is always nice, black and white pieces remain timeless.  That said, top shopping app of 2022, Shop It To Me, is about to introduce you to some glorious black and white picks that beg to be worn and will make every single pastel in your closet weep.

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Black & White And Chic All Over

Here are our favorite black and white outfits in no particular order!

If you're headed off to some remote location, or maybe just stay-cationing in Miami, this Caroline Constas black and white polka dot ensemble is totally charming.

Heading in the opposite direction of a super crop top midriff baring set, is this black and white shearling half-moon shaped shoulder bag by Neous.

And while black and white outfits are mostly associated with being super chic, don't get it twisted— black and white also looks good in the form of streetwear.

We are still highly into logomania pieces, and with this below outfit we would actually wear these black and white logo Alexander Wang denim jogger pants with this Off-White black top. Normally we don't mix logos, but if it looks good, who's to stop us?

Just add black or white tennis sneakers, maybe a hat/cap, and throw a jacket or sweater on top.

Looking for cute rain or snow boots to tuck your leggings into? JW Anderson has your pretty little toes covered.

We're getting tired of our usual dress pants and these Derek Lam cropped flares hug the body so effortlessly.

We love the unusual cut of this black and white striped poplin button-down shirt that is perfect for the office. It's also the perfect length to keep untucked.

Need a unique update on the usual puffer jacket? Try this wrap style one by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Balmain knows how to do chic and sophisticated but with a very modern twist. The cut and the shiny gold buttons on the top of the left shoulder speak volumes.

Consider this your new Winter Little Black Dress.

Also, when you're tired of the jeans in your closet, go for this pair of Winter white denim that can also be worn year round.

And last but definitely not least on Shop It To Me's Chic Black And White Outfit Ideas is this insane Proenza Schouler faux leather shirt jacket. Wear it open, closed, over something, by itself, this topper has range.

Check out our past post for some more stylish vegan leather options!

Black And White But Never Boring

If it's not broke, don't fix it right? Tweaks and additions are always welcome into any wardrobe but some things still withstand the test of time. These are your black and white outfits! If anything, donate your old black and white outfits and replace certain pieces you no longer lust over for some of our chic outfit ideas above!