We're back with our perennial series of how to dress for your zodiac sign: Capricorn edition.

If your cake day falls on or between Dec 22nd — Jan 20th, congratulations, you're a Capricorn! Capricorns are disciplined, driven, businesslike, and all around very classy ladies. You share the same birthday month as Kate Middleton, January Jones, Kate Bosworth, and Diane Sawyer. Like them or not so much, these ladies know how to put together an ensemble that works for them.

Dressing for your astrology sign is easy when you're a Capricorn: You use a cautious and practical approach, must like this star sign does in the real world. Naturally, these methodical and business-oriented traits carry over into your literal wardrobe.

A Capricorn woman can appreciate a great suit jacket, classic pumps, and a sleek designer handbag. If you want to find out what a Capricorn subjectively looks best in, continue reading. . . .

What Clothes To Wear According To Your Zodiac Sign

Channel your inner Ally McBeal or Elle Woods and rock these stylish suit jackets like only your star sign knows how to:

What to wear below your well tailored sport jacket?

Pair any blazer with either chic matching trousers or denim. A Capricorn prefers a more tailored look, so don't choose pants that are so baggy that they lack a silhouette and don't reach for denim that has more holes in it than fabric.

Award-winning shopping app Shop It To Me recommends the following pieces to clothe yourself in from the waist down:

A well-heeled Capricorn woman definitely indulges in the latest designer shoes

You have a "quality over quantity" mentality and we applaud you for that. You can often be spotted in a classic pair of boots and your horoscope sign favors brands like Gianvito and Sergio Rossi. While you favor the basics, you have a great selection to choose from and you're not afraid to splurge for quality. We suggest slipping your feet into something chic like these timeless styles:

The bags to pair with your shoes look like these

We got you . . . because no zodiac sign outfit is complete without a drop dead gorgeous handbag. Forget what everyone else is wearing and wear what makes you happy:

For the finishing touches

A Capricorn likes to have her hair and makeup done. Even if that means only donning a sleek pony and a clear gloss. We found the best beauty and makeup for a Capricorn here:

Horoscope Fashion

Capricorns have an undeniable style sense and it reads timeless chic. All Capricorn outfits can be mixed and matched and this zodiac sign doesn't fall for cheap fads. If you're looking to downsize your closet, it's a good idea to follow the fashion advice of a Capricorn! Along with her pragmatic ways, a Capricorn can really help you elevate your wardrobe no matter what your star sign is.

Want more? At Shop It To Me, snagging deals and shopping the latest in fashion brands is literally our favorite activity so make sure to sign-up and come back for more.

Happy Horoscope Shopping!