Don’t feel badly if you order a few items for yourself when you are shopping for gifts this holiday season.

Our just-completed Holiday Shopping Trends survey revealed that you aren’t the only one. In fact, 82% of the 8000 respondents to the survey told us they plan on buying something for themselves this holiday season while they are buying gifts for others.

Survey respondents also told us that, while they are opening their wallets a bit wider than last year, they are still looking for bargains. Here are a few of the other survey findings:

• Two-thirds of men and half of women say there’s nothing for which they will pay full price. But, among those who will pay full-prices, shoes and boots come in at the top of the “splurge” list.

• Shipping charges are not popular: 80% of shoppers refuse to pay more than $10 for shipping and 20% expect shipping to be free.

• The majority of shoppers say they avoid gift wrap charges by ordering items shipped unwrapped and then wrapping themselves before giving.

For all the details, download our Holiday shopping trends press release.