Burberry's ArtOfTheTrench.com

Today, Burberry launched a new site www.ArtOfTheTrench.com in collaboration with Scott Schuman, better known as the guy behind The Sartorialist.

Burberry’s site says it’s a “living document of the trench coat and the people who wear it”.

According to The Sartorialist, for the past several months, he shot people all over the globe wearing a Burberry trench or Burberry outerwear.  He had great liberty to find people putting various fashion spins on the trench, and says it was “probably his favorite collaboration that I have done with any big brand”.

The site’s a bit slow and temperamental, but otherwise, I could play there all day long.  Quite entertaining (and heartwarming!) to peruse the pictures of the kids, people running down the street, posing, thinking, relaxing, embracing, and more.  There are great options to filter through the photos: by gender, by style (ie. belted/not belted), by color, to see most popular, most commented on images, etc.  Sharing images with others is also fun – and all types of options to do so.


Fun part — ArtOfTheTrench.com is asking for submissions of you and your friends wearing Burberry trenches.  Time to whip out the camera!