Here at Shop It To Me HQ, we constantly review our individual Salemails, and also Salemails as a whole to keep up with what designer items you, our fabulous members, are drawn to.  A few quick highlights from last week’s most popular items.  It’s a little something we call our “best salers”.

One of the most popular items clicked in Salemail last week was this Matthew Williamson dress:


Coincidentally (or not?), Matthew Williamson teamed up with Gossip Girl just one week prior.  On the April 5 episode, Blair (Leighton Meester) wore a prominently featured Matthew Williamson dress, and Matthew Williamson’s Meatpacking district store featured Gossip Girl inspired windows.  Could this have led to Matthew Williamson lust?!


Also amongst the most popular items clicked were Tory Burch ‘Reva’ ballerina flats.  Did you know that these signature shoes are named after Tory’s mother, Reva Robinson? Although not a brand new style anymore, when these shoes drop below $100, they are incredibly highly desired and you ladies snap them right up.  (Last week, the shoes were on sale at from $195 to $96.90).


Stay tuned for more “Best salers” in the weeks ahead…