Earlier I had promised I would blog about the best quotes of the year from fashion reality TV shows. Season 5 of Project Runway is over, but the snotty quotes endure. This week’s pick is from your favorite contestant, and mine, Kenley.

“I wasn’t going for elegant, HEIDI.”
-Kenley, Project Runway

It’s a mermaid! It’s a Chinese finger trap! No, it’s Kenley’s floral-inspired dress! If the Season 5, Episode 12 challenge were inspired by sea monsters, I could understand. But in fact it was the Botanical Gardens. A purple plant inexplicably inspired Kenley to create a magenta dress with faux fish scales at the bottom. When Heidi told Kenley the dress didn’t look elegant, Kenley snapped at her with this bratty comeback. I have to admit I got sucked into the moment and felt badly for her when she cried, but I got over it when she tried to blame her attitude problem on the fact that her father was a tugboat captain. Umm…right.

In any case, she totally deserved all the smack talk from the other contestants.  “Kenley can make one hell of a ’50s dress, but that’s all she serves up,” Jerrell once said of her. I beg to differ. She also serves up one hell of a ‘tude.