Here’s an extended version of a press-release that we sent out today!

San Francisco, CA — May 8, 2008

Markdown analysis from Shop It To Me can make you a savvier sale shopper!

****Everyone loves a sale, but the day of the week you shop for clothing can make a big difference in the price you pay:

  • Searching for the lowest price on jeans? Shop on Friday and get an average 41% off full price.
  • Want the best deal on swimwear? Wait until Saturday and you’ll save 46%.
  • After a new men’s sweater? Shop Monday for discounts of 40% off.

These are just a few of the price-saving revelations of a new study on the best days of the week to find the best deals on different clothing items. We compared prices on more than 150,000 clothing items that went on sale between January 1 to December 31, 2007 for 70+ leading online apparel and shoe retailers.

“You can find great deals on various types of clothing every day of the week,” says expert sale shopper Charlie Graham, founder and President of Shop It To Me. “But if you have only one day to shop, make it Friday. Our analysis revealed that’s when approximately 25% of all women’s and men’s clothing items are marked down.

If you want the best deals on specific items, however, Graham offers the following tips:

  • Shop on Friday for jeans, skirts and dresses, men’s shirts and outerwear.
  • Shop on Saturday for new shoes, swimwear and intimates.
  • Shop early in the week for women’s handbags and men’s sweaters.
  • Shop Wednesday or Thursday for Petite or Plus Size clothing. 65% of all Petite Clothing and 57% of all Plus Clothing goes on sale on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. So if you need it right away, snag it on Wed or Thurs.

Prefer to shop by brand name? The Shop It To Me analysis uncovered the following discounting patterns: Buy BCBG on Tuesdays and Thursdays when items averaged 42% off, but shop for Kenneth Cole on Monday and Fridays, for discounts averaging 40% of more. And you’ll find the best prices on Nine West items on Sundays and Tuesdays, for an average 42% discount.

Here’s a summary of the best days to buy each category… but if keeping track of all this data incites dizziness-simply register for a Salemail alert!

Women’s Categories

Biggest Discount Days

Smallest Discount Days

Extra savings


Tuesdays and Fridays (40-41% off)

Sundays and Mondays

(36-38% off)

You save an extra 10% buying Tuesdays and Fridays

Casual pants

Fridays (42% off)

Mondays (34% off)

You save an extra 23% if you buy on Friday.


Fridays (42% off)

Saturdays (34% off)

Shop Friday and save an extra 24%


Saturdays (53% off)

Mondays (38% off)

Get 41% more off the price by buying on Saturdays.


Fridays (41% off)

Mondays (34% off)

You can save 19% more if you buy jeans on Fridays.


Fridays (42% off)

Saturdays (28% off)

Shop Friday and save as much as 51% more!


Saturdays (47% off)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

(35-37% off)

Save an additional 33% by waiting until Saturday.


Saturdays (43% off)

Wednesdays (37% off)

Save an extra 17% by shopping on Saturday.

And the best days to buy men’s clothing…

Men’s Categories

Biggest Discount Days

Smallest Discount Days

Extra savings


Mondays (41% off)

Wednesdays(22% off)

Get a 85% larger discount on Mondays and not Wednesdays



Fridays (39% off)

Tuesdays (27% off)

Save an extra 41% by buying outerwear on Friday.

Casual Shirts

Fridays (36% off)

Saturday (30% off)

Save 19% more by shopping on Fridays.