Back to School Clothes Shopping Tips

Yes, it’s that time of year again everyone! Back to school.

As soon as August hits, back to school shopping begins to creep into every parent’s mind and from school clothes to everyday school supplies, shopping lists need to be made! Whether your little ones are headed to their first day of school at kindergarten or you’re sending your senior to their last year at high school, you’ll always need the essential back to school supplies for your kids.

Stressful? It doesn’t have to be!

For all your back to school tech and gadget shopping, Forbes has your back. For clothing and accessories for the school year ahead, Shop It To Me has you covered for all the things your little ones need in their wardrobe but at a great, heavily discounted price.

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From Macy’s to Nordstrom, if there is back to school clothing on sale online, we’ve got it ready and waiting to show you. No stress.

School Clothes Shopping Essentials

Keep back to school kids’ clothing shopping simple and choose versatile and hardwearing clothing that they’re bound to wear time and time again. Adding in just a few trending pieces gives your kids’ style a boost but when it comes to new school year essentials, stick to the below basics to make sure you’ve got all bases covered.

Everything we’ve picked out here is on sale with Shop It To Me.


Jeans have got to be high on your school clothing list if your little one doesn’t wear a uniform. They’re durable and hard-wearing and they don’t necessarily need washing after every single wear which can make your life a little easier.

Choose higher-quality options and then look for sale items to reduce the price to make sure they last as long as possible. From True Religion jeans with serious discounts to classic Old Navy, we’ve found some kids’ jeans in the sale on Shop It To Me to start you off.


For little girls, leggings are a must-have for school. They’re comfortable and quick and easy to wash. Plus, they’re cheaper than jeans or trousers so you can grab a wide selection so that you’ve always got options first thing in the morning before school.

Make it easy for yourself and choose options that she can pair with anything from t-shirts and sweatshirts to shorter dresses.


The perfect easy throw over that your kids will wear all year round? Hoodies. They don’t have to be scruffy though. Find smarter, high-quality hoodies that are perfect for back to school and beyond from brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s and Quicksilver and they’ll last twice as long. Find them on Shop It To Me with a price tag slashed by up to 70%.


Heading into fall and winter, jackets and coats can be one of the more expensive items on any back to school shopping list. Which is exactly why you should be looking for sale items and high-quality options on clearance. Which can be a drag.

Make life easier for yourself by searching on Shop It To Me for your kid’ gender, click sale and you can even filter to finding items with the biggest discount. This search will find you choices from brands like Levi’s, The North Face and Nautica with serious price drops all year round.


Easy and essential, stock up on simple and graphic tees as well as a selection of polo shirts as an easy way to ensure your little one always has something school appropriate in the wardrobe and ready to go. Opt for cotton styles to make sure they last and are comfortable and not too hot and find options in the sale, which you can always find with Shop It To Me.


Footwear is all about comfort for school. Once they’re there, chances are they won’t even notice what they have on unless it hurts. Then, you’re sure to hear about it! So, depending on your kids’ school rules and dress code, stick to smart sneakers and pumps that can withstand lots of running around and a few spins in the washing machine to boot.

When it comes to putting together a school uniform wardrobe for your kids, versatility and comfort come first. These are clothes they’ll wear a lot and you’ll need to wash a lot so even though fancy outfits might seem fun, they’re often not the best idea when it comes to getting the most out of your money!

Shopping Tips

So, we’ve found a fair few back to school deals for you within our Shop It To Me picks, but have we got any other shopping tips to share? You bet we do!

Create A Budget & A List

First thing’s first, make a budget and create your shopping list. Don’t head out to the shops or log on online without a list and a budget of how much you’re comfortable spending because before you know it, you’ll have a cart full of “supplies” and no idea if you have everything you actually need.

Create a list of “needs” and then “wants” and fulfill the need list first. Shop savvy and you’ll find it’s a much more doable task than you first thought.

Chat with Other Parents

While you might feel a little overwhelmed with the prospect of your back to school shopping list, remember that there are hundreds of other parents at your school alone that are in the same boat. Get to chatting with other parents about their shopping and you might just be able to help each other out.

Especially when it comes to younger kids, could you do a swap with someone else’s used school supplies? From hand-me-down clothing to anything else on your list, chances are someone at your kids’ school has one that they don’t need anymore that they’d be happy to hand over to you.

Don’t Buy Everything in One Go

Heading out or online to shop for your entire back to school list is one way to get completely overwhelmed and quick. Take your time on the lead up to school season and take your list one step at a time to avoid stress at all costs.

Whether you’re shopping for all your basic clothing with Shop It To Me or you’re heading to Target to grab all your son’s must-have Star Wars stationery, section off your list and tackle one bit at a time to make sure you don’t forget anything important.

Buy at The Right Time

Throughout the year, different fashion and accessory items tend to be more reduced at certain times. If you can get your shopping list sorted each year early, you can find the best time to buy for the biggest discounts, helping you to save even more. We created our blog about this to help you find the best times to shop for certain items.

Always Shop Sales!

Back to school sale might sound like a nightmare to you. Stores packed with tired and grumpy kids and parents with sale clothing strewn across the racks. Thrift stores are also never fun when shopping with kids. So, why not sale shop online. With Shop It To Me, it’s not as difficult as you’d think.

Kids grow out of their clothing so fast, paying full price for your boys and girl’s clothing just doesn’t seem like the most sustainable choice. Simply sign up and select Sale only options and you can browse only on sale items from all your favorite retailers in one place. So simple.

Extra Back to School Supplies List

From crayons at kindergarten to lunch boxes from Walmart, don’t forget these extra supplies your little one might need. Here is our essentials checklist.

·     Stationary

·     Folders & notepads

·     Lunchbox

·     Reusable water bottle

·     Calculator

·     Homework organizer

·     Post Its

·     Index cards

·     Staples and paper clips

·     Backpack

Get your school shopping list ticked off with sale and clearance items from all the biggest retailers in the world without even going near Google. One place, great sale options, and brands from California to New York and beyond, shop with Shop It To Me and let your credit card breathe a sigh of relief!

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