We all have secret pleasures we’re reluctant to share. The Bachelorette is one of ours, so we were very excited to have the chance to talk fashion with four of our beloved reality TV stars!  Shop It To Me spent time with Natalie Getz (Bachelor Pad), Molly Mesnick (The Bachelor, season 13),** Jillian Harris** (The Bachelorette, season 5), and Trista Sutter (The Bachelorette, season 1) to learn about their fashion faves.

Any brands that are absolute Bachelorette favorites?

Jillian:* Some of my long- time faves include Wilfred, Aritzia, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Haute Hippe, Urban Outfitters, Chloe (which I can never afford but I love!) Shoshanna and Halston Heritage*

Molly: My favorite brands are constantly evolving, but at this moment in time I’m loving Haute Hippie, All Saints, and always BCBG.

Is it more challenging to figure out the dress or the shoes?!

**Natalie: **The dress!  I have the hardest time making a decision on what dress to wear.  But when I finally decide, I go to my closet and the shoe jumps out at me!  Guys never notice a woman’s shoes unless we point them out.  My shoe choice is pretty much to impress women!

If you had to live in one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Molly: A black knit sundress.  Sundresses are the most versatile items of clothing because they can be easily dressed up or down, depending on your accessories and shoes.  I have a black knit dress that I’ve worn to everything from a wedding to a day at the pool!  No matter how you wear it, you still have that cute, feminine look.

Who’s responsible for choosing all of the great outfits you wear during the show?

Trista:  On the first Bachelor, I wore all of my own clothing, except during the final rose ceremony — they brought me a few dress options to choose from.  As the Bachelorette, I was lucky enough to scour the racks at Saks with the show’s stylist and pick out whatever I wanted.  Talk about a kid in a candy store … although looking back, I wish I had gone with a little more flair!!

Natalie: Cary Fetman styles the Bachelor and Bachelorette, but the rest of the cast styled ourselves.  Being a fashion stylist, this made me happy!  I would hate to have to wear clothing someone else picked out for me if I didn’t like it!  On the Bachelor Pad, the girls borrowed from each other and made sure each one of us looked cute!   It’s not about what you have, it’s about how you wear it!

Any insight you can share into what happens off-camera with wardrobe choices?

**Jillian: **As the Bachelorette, I stressed about wardrobe a bit, and there is A LOT of luggage. Clothes everywhere! On the Bachelor, we loaned each other clothes — which is funny since we were supposed to be competitors. Who would have thought!  I loved doing the girls nails on the Bachelor … I’d paint nails forever!

Natalie:* Any logo, no matter how small, had to be covered up by tape.  If you look closely, you will notice that the guys always have tape covering the Nike Swoosh logo on their shorts, shirts, and hats.  Also, we were rarely allowed to wear sunglasses or hats.  There is a whole packing list regarding what we can and cannot wear on camera! When we choose something that is a bad color for camera (bright white/black) they would make us change.  And if too many of us were dressed alike for a Rose Ceremony, they would have us change. *

What advice would you give for the perfect outfit to wear on a first date?

Molly: First dates generally aren’t real formal (unless you are on the Bachelor, of course), so you can’t go wrong with semi-casual.   I think the perfect first date look is a sundress with flats.  The dress gives you the girly, feminine look, and the flats keep it casual.  If you’re not in sundress weather, throw a cute jacket over the dress!

How has being on the Bachelor/Bachelorette changed your personal style?

Natalie: I’ve always had a very outlandish style.  I love to push the envelope in fashion!  The only thing that changed is that I now get to buy more expensive pieces after winning the money on Bachelor Pad!  Ok, let’s be honest, even when I was a poor college kid, I still found ways to buy the clothing and shoes that I wanted.  I sacrificed food for fashion!

It seems as if many of the contestants remain close friends—how/why is it that you remain connected to people who’ve been on the show?

Jillian: It’s an experience that no one else has gone through – and so we have tons to talk about and reminisce about.  Not to mention it likely takes a certain kind of crazy to go through what we did, so we’ve got to stick together! I love my Bachelor family girls. Molly and I have become very close, I admire Trista so much and Natalie is like a long lost friend – I am grateful for all of them!

Are you more into online shopping or real-world?

Trista: If only I could do real-world shopping!!!  Living in Vail, Colorado, I’m not smack dab in the middle of the fashion district!  When I get the chance to scratch my shopping itch, I go full throttle!!

What are you fave stores or shopping sites?

**Molly: **I am a fair-weather shopper when it comes to brand loyalty.  I shop more for fit and “trend of the moment” so the stores I shop change frequently.  However, I seem to always find something I like at BCBG, Urban Outfitters, and Asos.  Shop It To Me has also made my life REALLY easy because I can program my own online shopping mall, where I’m looking only at brands and styles that I specify.

Are you more of a full-price or sale girl?  What’s your best sale purchase ever?

**Trista: **I really have to be in the mood to go through sale items.  I do, but I’m much more likely to hit the stores that aren’t too crazy expensive rather than shop through disorganized sale racks for a gem.

Don’t you just love them? We can’t get enough! Thanks Molly, Trista, Natalie and Jilly for sharing!