Are Shoulder Pads Back In Style?

The answer is yes— shoulder pads are back in style for Spring/Summer 2020, and whatever is left of these remaining Winter months.

It's hard to talk about shoulder pads without getting a mental of some hideous polyester suit, but here we are.

This article goes to prove that shoulder pads are back in style and they look nothing like their 80's counterparts.

The obvious brand that comes to mind is Balmain, the king of ultra luxe, tight tailoring, and perfectly padded jackets, but there are certainly more affordable brands that deserve to be acknowledged when there's no room for a Balmain blazer in the budget.

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What Shoulder Pads Look Like In 2020

How can something so flowy, ladylike, and delicate be associated with such a strong shoulder?

Alice + Olivia shows us how, with her bubblegum pink silk blouse, complete with expertly placed shoulder pads, giving off a super structured silhouette. This blouse is the equivalent of a power suit, minus the suit.

Ever hear of the brand The Attico? Well, it should be on your radar if you're looking to hit the refresh button on your wardrobe.

Always edgy and fashion-forward, The Attico knows how to strike when we're feeling depressed about the status of our closets.

Envision high-waisted black denim capris and black strappy sandals when pondering how to style this cheetah printed padded shoulder tee, for a bombshell look.

Another brand that is dabbling in the shoulder pad pool is PatBo, one of the most colorful and handcrafted brands around.

PatBo hits us with this padded shoulder tropical print shirtdress, and this is exactly the bohemian chic vibe we are going for in Summer 2020.

And when we're not frolicking around in our brightly colored PatBo shirtdress, we can be spotted in a muted shoulder-padded Veronica Beard blazer.

The queen of the wear-to-work and beyond blazer, Veronica Beard gifts us with this stunning gray plaid jacket, with snippets of pinks and blues perfectly weaved into it, making it look like nothing we currently have in our closets.

Throw this strong shoulder pad jacket on with anything to instantly elevate your look.

Last but definitely not least, here's another strong shoulder option to wear during these last few cold months.

RtA's leopard print sequin blouse is unique and feminine with a little bit of androgynous. By the way, RtA stands for Road to Awe, for those wondering.

This sequined blouse is equipped with strong shoulder pads, to give definition to its otherwise effortlessly and perfectly executed looseness. Wear this blouse with black patent leather pants for a super sexy look.

Will you be seen sporting shoulder pads this year?

Did we convince you? Are shoulder pads coming back in style and making their way into your wardrobe this year? We hope so!

Shoulder pads elevate any outfit, of course we're talking about the modern brands that we've covered in this article, and not the shoulder pads from the 80's.

Let's remove the fashion stigma associated with shoulder pads, because, as we can see here, they're not so fugly after all.  Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall, shoulder pads are coming back in style & we're not mad about it at all!

Until next time, bookmark us here to catch up on your favorite designer trends, sales, and blog posts!