We’ve got the Fendi bike, the bike-friendly suit, and TopShop giving out bikes – call me crazy but I’m sensing a trend.

Here’s the low-down on the bike frenzy:


The “Fendi Abici Amante Donna” is insanely adorable in just about every way that a bike can be. The price, you ask? Well, It’s $9,500 (no joke)! I am relatively certain my car is worth around this much. Regardless, I want it so badly I am having reoccurring dreams co-starring myself and this bike…


Warning: DO NOT leave your Fendi unattended as you may an average bicycle. The chances of it being around when you return are slim to none (because I *might *steal it while you’re not looking).


Hey, stylish, bike-riding boys… This one’s for you:

B. Spoke Tailor has created the revolutionary Bespoke Bike Suit to solve all of your traveling woes. It’s waterproof, wind-resistant, and crafted with a pant cuff to keep your trousers from winding up in the chain of your two-wheeler!


Be stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly all at the same time. Whoever said men can’t multi-task?!


Beginning this Saturday (June 20), TopShop will begin renting out free bikes from their New York store. The purpose is to get New Yorkers in shape while trying out the city’s new bike lanes! The promotion – filled with blue beach cruisers, cupcake stickers, and the sheer joy of peddling your heart out – will last one week.


Too bad they don’t make bike-friendly dresses… Or, do they?

Note to readers: I would not really steal your Fendi bike. But, in case you feel like buying me one for my birthday, I would so let you ride on the handle bars!