A Post on Paris and Pictures

I returned from Paris a little over a week ago and I already miss it! The food was great, the people were fabulous, and of course the shopping was divine. While I was there it just so happened that there was a city-wide sale going on and every store had the majority of its merchandise priced at 50-70% off! It was shopping heaven. I bought so much clothing that I had to buy another suitcase to bring it all home with me.

As a break from shopping (let’s face it, we all need one sometimes), I visited the “Musee des Arts Decoratifs” to spend some quality time with the designs of the one and only Valentino. The museum is currently featuring an exhibit showcasing his masterpieces from various periods of his fifty-year career. The gowns were stunning, and without looking at the labels it was impossible to tell which pieces were from the 70’s and which were from five years ago! Who wouldn’t kill to wear one of those down the red carpet? Since the exhibit I have been craving Valentino; unfortunately I have yet to see a Valentino gown in my Salemail this week. I’ll be keeping my eye out. For now, some eye candy; here’s a Valentino gown from the Spring 2008 Couture Collection, courtesy of Style.com.

From Style.comSpeaking of Paris, Mary Jo Matsumoto over at Trust Your Style has been featuring some amazing photographers on her blog and recently posted a few photos by Gilles-Marie Zimmermann. He did an amazing shoot in Paris, and has also taken tons of other gorgeous photographs! The Parisian series really brings on the nostalgia, but I love these photos. Here are two of my favorites, and I’d love for you to tell me yours! Go to gmzimmermann.com to see more.

To sum it all up, I loved Paris and can’t wait to go back some day.