9 Ways to Dress Better This Year

Whether you’ve found yourself in a style rut, always choosing the same or similar fashion options or you’re just looking for a bit of a style overhaul, we’ve created a list of 9 easy-to-achieve tips to dress better this year. Make 2019 the year you love your personal style and enjoy getting ready each day without a huge financial investment. Dress better, have more confidence and love your style with a little help from Shop It To Me.

Define Your Style

A great place to start when trying to dress better and improve your wardrobe is to define your style and really figure out what dressing better means to you. Start this process with a clear out of your current closet. Anything that you haven’t worn in the last 12 months needs to go to charity. If you didn’t wear it in the last year, you don’t need it confusing you every morning when you’re trying to put together a stylish look.

Next, start to gather inspiration using platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and the Shop It To Me blog, of course. Saving looks you see that you love will help you to start to define the fashion pieces that really stand out to you and you can start to insert these pieces into your own closet as your signature items.

Learn Your Body – And Love It

If you want to dress better for work, look and feel chicer at the weekend, and, in general, just love your clothes, you need to learn your body type inside and out and start to dress for your own shape. When it comes to dressing better, the fit is crucial and without knowing the contours of your own body type, finding the perfect fits and silhouettes is tricky.

We’ve created an article for you all about how to dress for your own body type but first, you need to decide which shape your own figure fits into. From pear-shaped to hourglass, the sooner you work out which body type you are, the easier you’ll find it to shop for yourself and create a chicer style to dress better.

Shop with Purpose

This tip is an important one. Many of us tend to get into the habit of shopping for the sake of shopping. Maybe it makes you feel good in the moment or maybe it’s a just a fun way to fill your Saturday. However, one of the secrets to dressing better is to shop with purpose.

Shopping with purpose is about having a goal when you’re on the hunt for new fashion picks. Deciding what your closet is missing and shopping for each missing section at a time is a great way to make sure you don’t get led astray. Shop for your high-quality basics in one go, shop for your tailored items in one go and then accessories. This will allow you to create a stylish wardrobe of looks, which you can then insert seasonal trends into without your closet becoming overrun with looks that are soon to go “out of style”.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Basics

When it comes to shopping for basics, it might not seem like the most exciting shopping trip to be heading out on (or logging on for). However, basics are a crucial part of a stylish wardrobe and the backbone of your looks if you want to start to dress better. Nailing the basics is a great place to begin.

Get a great rundown of Vogue editor-approved basics that will give your wardrobe a chic starting point. Or take some time to think about your own style and the basics that you use (even subconsciously) to create your favorite outfits. Here are some key basics that are essential to a chic, polished look and these are particularly important for those who are aiming to dress better on a budget. Opting for luxe, quality basics is a great way to invest in reusable pieces, then mix and match with more trend-led items that you can interchange to create a plethora of great looks.

·     Neutral-hued high neck long and short-sleeved tops

·     High-quality white t-shirts

·     Simple, well-fitting blue and black jeans

·     Shirts or shirtdresses

·     Neutral, simple knits

From Wolford to Levi’s, find high-quality high-street and designer basics on Shop It To Me that are sure to create the perfect base notes for a chicer style.

Dress Better by Investing in Quality

Some people think buying more will help to dress better because you’ll have more options to choose from. However, buying fewer and better-quality pieces actually helps you to create a smaller, more stylish wardrobe that allows you to dress better in the long run. You might just need a little time to get used to having slightly fewer options. See our tips on creating a smaller, capsule wardrobe with designer and high-quality pieces for extra style advice on investing in better quality clothing that lasts.

Notice the Importance of Tailoring

Tailoring is key to dressing better and here’s why. With the perfect fit and style, a tailored piece can be paired with anything from your wardrobe to create instant chicness with minimal effort. A tailored jacket or coat can be added to a simple jeans and t-shirt look, transforming it in seconds to an outfit suitable for anything from the office to a fancy dinner. Think outside the box when it comes to tailored blazers and jackets as there are endless shapes and silhouettes perfect for every body type.

Here are some tailored items to grab on Shop It To Me to instantly update your look and dress better.

·     Camel-colored structured coat

·     Basic blazer in a neutral color

·     Statement blazer

·     High-waist tailored trouser, either wide-leg or cigarette-style

Discover New Brands

One of the best ways to transform your style and dress better is to discover new brands and labels and try new styles when it comes to fashion. Break out of your fashion rut and opt for a new brand that you’ve never tried before and you never know, you might just become their biggest fan.

To help you discover new and exciting fashion designers and brands, sign up to Shop It To Me and get inspired by designer fashion with an affordable price tag. From household names to emerging and up and coming brands, Shop It To Me is the place online to find everything you need under one roof.

Get Your Purse Game in Order

So, we’ve not really discussed accessories as part of dressing better this year and we mustn’t forget the importance of good accessories to create a great look. Whether you’re pulling together a business ensemble or an outfit for girl’s night out, you need the right purse to pair with the look and choosing a chic accessory can instantly make an outfit look better. We’ve talked about creating a capsule wardrobe, but consider creating a capsule handbag collection and you’ll have the perfect choice for every event. Plus, if you’re thinking of investing in your first ever designer handbag, we’ve also got a blog to help!

Here are our top handbag essentials for the perfect capsule handbag collection.

·     An ultra-sleek black clutch that can upgrade any look when you don’t need lots of things with you.

·     A mini crossbody bag in a statement color or print to wear both formally with a monochrome look or casually when mixing prints or clashing colors.

·     A neutral tote that instantly gives any outfit a polished, tailored finish.

For a little extra help when it comes to choosing fashion accessories, take a look at our blog post which talks all about the top 10 fashion accessories to invest in to mix and match with every outfit.

Start Shopping Sustainably

When we talk about dressing better, we could also be talking about being better on an eco-conscious level as well as looking great. This is where shopping sustainably could come into your new routine. If you’re new to the idea of sustainable fashion or have read all about the threats the fashion industry is facing, take a look at our sustainable fashion blog from last week which talks all about our current favorite eco-friendly fashion brands for a little more insight.

With some of the biggest names in fashion launching eco-conscious initiative collections to help with sustainability, as well as hordes of emerging fashion brands focused solely on being eco-friendly, we now have more choice than ever before to shop stylishly and with much less guilt for the environmental impact. So, when you’re considering how to dress better this year, start with sustainability and align your closet with the new, more sustainable brands in the industry. Find high street retailers, such as H&M’s sustainable collection offering anything from chic little black dresses to sustainable knitwear and basics on Shop It To Me and add a touch of sustainability to your style this year.

Our 9 tips have been put together by our Shop It To Me stylists to help you to dress better this year. Opt for a couple of the easiest tips to transition to or try them all step by step and see if you can improve your style for 2019, dress better and feel fabulous. Remember to keep your eyes on Shop It To Me by signing up and selecting your favorite brands and size so that you’ll never miss out on price drop emails specific for you.