8 Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram Right Now

If you’re into fashion, one of the best places you probably grab outfit inspiration is Instagram. Packed with people who really know their thing when it comes to putting an outfit together, Insta can be the perfect place to go when you need a little extra help or you’re feeling uninspired with your style.

Whatever you’re into, you can find a fashion influencer on Instagrammer who gets your style. From the crowds and crowds of style-lovers online, these are our current top 10 accounts to follow right now.

We’ve also used Shop It To Me to pick out some of their key looks to show you how you can use these Instagrammers for some serious style inspo.

Danielle Burnstein - @weworewhat

With 2.2 million followers, you’ve probably heard of weworewhat and if not, where have you been!? This is an account that deserves a follow. The now world-renowned fashion blog was started by Danielle, who showcases her endlessly immaculate style. She’s was also featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list before she reached age 25.

Now with fashion and swimwear brands of her own, tech start-ups, and other enviable business investments, the weworewhat Instagram is packed with ultra-chic, high-end looks with backdrops from all over the world. Sharp, contemporary lines and silhouettes are her key looks and the accessories make for a seriously aspirational lookbook.

Key pieces from her Insta pics:

·     Blazers.

·     Sunglasses.

·     Silk blouses.

Victoria McGrath - @inthefrow

One of the biggest fashion blogging success stories to come out of the UK is the founder of the hugely successful blog, In The Frow, Victoria McGrath. Her Insta account is quickly heading towards the 1 million mark and yet, her stories, captions and blog posts remain down to earth, friendly and overtly warm. A clear industry expert with a Masters in fashion, Victoria’s style is all about designer labels so if you love high-end fashion, this one is for you.

Her style is classic and simple, flattering her petite frame to perfection and she has become just as well-known now in the beauty world thanks to her links with brands like Dior Beauty and L’Oréal.

Key pieces from her Insta pics:

·     Luxe knitwear.

·     Tailored jumpsuits.

·     Trouser suits.

Clare Most - @claire_most

She’s not got the most followers on Instagram compared to other accounts but a growing blogger in fashion right now that needs to get on your radar is Clare Most. Known for her travel pictures, fashion included, and her simply beautiful hair, Clare has casual styling and natural beauty down to a tee. For weekend outfit inspo all day long, this is what you’ll be looking out for.

Key pieces from her Insta pics:

·     Mom jeans.

·     Sporty crop tops.

·     Gold hoops, always.

Asiyami Gold - @asiyami_gold

If you love rich, beautiful imagery that pairs up fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel, you need to follow the visually gorgeous account that is Asiyami Gold. Describing herself as a “visual storyteller”, Asiyami is a freelance content creator with a clear eye for what looks amazing. Her style is feminine, effortlessly cool and together with her jaw-dropping choices when it comes to backdrops, the imagery is second to none. Give this account a follow if you want to enhance your feed with all things beautiful.

Key pieces from her Insta pics:

·     Statement prints.

·     Voluminous white dresses.

·     Bardot tops.

Gala Gonzalez - @galagonzalez

Fashion blogger and Instagram influencer Gala was born in Paris and now resides in New York. A ready poster of her daily outfits, follow Gala for inspiration for every day as well as following her journey from one glam fashion event to the next. If you’re into high-end styling with boxy, oversized and layered looks, this one is for you.

Key pieces from her Insta pics:

·     Oversized statement jackets.

·     Leather.

·     Flowing maxi dresses.

Stephanie Yeboah - @nerdabouttown

She’s an award-winning plus style content creator that has really found her niche in the fashion game. Think zero fear of prints, bright pops of color and some serious confidence. If you’re looking for plus-size inspo on super cool fashion outfits, this is the account you need to get following, like, right now.

We’re obsessed with how Stephanie puts her outfits together and for anyone that’s worried to wear prints day to day, this is exactly how you do it.

Key pieces from her Insta pics:

·     Statement print dresses.

·     Bold jackets.

·     Ankle boots.

Alex Stedman - @thefrugality

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You know when you write a word so often it doesn’t even look like a word anymore?! 🤣 Yep, well that’s where I am. It’s only taken me 7 months to write this and get it out there to the big wide world but better late than never. I’m not going to lie, I’ve wanted to pull out of this about 50 times, Imposter Syndrome kicked in telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about and no one would read it and who really cares. But - if you don’t give it a go, you’ll never know. And I’m already so overwhelmed with how many have downloaded this before I’ve even made the link public 🥰. So, here it is. My downloadable e book on Money. It won’t make you rich, but it might make you feel differently about it and hopefully make a few of us feel less alone in the conversation. It’s a mix of personal stories, how we afford things and where we prioritise, to how my reality is very different to my Insta/Fashion-life, with tips on the best places to sell your stuff, how to carboot like a professional and how to meal plan your week without feeling like you’re scrimping. I hope those of you who download it (thank you, by the way!) enjoy it xxx Link in bio 👆🏼

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Not all fashion bloggers and influencers are obsessed with newness every 5 minutes and high-end designer goodies that cost an entire month’s paycheck. Some, like Alex Stedman from The Frugality, are a little more frugal. Having had a long-standing career in the fashion and publishing industry, Alex began her saving mission when she decided to stop renting and buy real estate in the UK’s capital, London. From that point on, she works on buying only investment pieces that last and reworking older pieces in her wardrobe to create new and fresh looks.

If you fancy some style inspo about how to restyle your wardrobe to create looks you’ve never even thought of, have a search for Alex. You also get cute baby pictures and advice on how to save and renovate a house on a budget.

Key pieces from her Insta pics:

·     Stripes.

·     Wide leg jeans.

·     Chunky knitwear.

Aleali May - @alealimay

For consistent street style pictures with some serious edge, Aleali May (pronounced uh-lay-lee) does sportswear and athleisure with a high-end twist. If you’re looking for inspo on how to create very on-trend and super chic outfits from sporty and comfy pieces, Aleali is doing it and she’s doing it well.

Whether you’re into gym wear with an all-day vibe or distressed denim that could be styled for the club, this account is real-life street style goals.

Key pieces from her Insta pics:

·     Oversized tees.

·     Stone-washed denim.

·     Cargo pants.

There’s always a new account to find when it comes to fashion on Instagram. Up your style inspo and find some new accounts to follow to fill your feed with the fashion and accessories that you love to see. And don’t forget to shop what you see through Shop It To Me to make sure you get the best fashion picks at the very best prices, no matter what the brand.