What to wear as a Summer Wedding Guest

We are deep in wedding season with long summer nights the perfect backdrop for romance. If your summer calendar is packed with ceremonies it can be tough to get your outfit right every time. Luckily by following a handful of simple style rules, you can make sure that you always hit the right fashion notes. We have brought together the ultimate style guide for wedding guests, below.

Avoid Lace or White

Ok, so this an obvious one that still deserves attention. An old rule that absolutely still stands. It may work at the occasional celeb wedding but for most of us mere mortals, anything referencing bridal wear should be avoided. Even the most laid back bride may feel a little uncomfortable if you show up in an ivory tea dress. Save the white for a summer party and explore a varied color palate at your next wedding.

Keep it Comfortable

Weddings can be long. They involve sitting, standing (and dare we whisper it) a lot of waiting around. That means your outfit should be comfortable as well as beautiful. Choose an outfit and shoes you can move, bend and dance freely in. You don’t want to be struggling against a too tight tube dress all day. This sleeveless wrap dress from Banana Republic is the perfect blend of wearability and style.

Banana Republic Sleeveless Wrap Dress

Pay Attention to the Invite

Not all weddings have the same dress code so it is important to read the invite carefully. A backyard wedding with a barbecue and informal vibe is going to require a very different outfit than a black-tie affair. No one wants to be the girl who shows up in an evening dress to a hoedown so get clarity on what’s expected if the invite is unclear. Got a casual wedding on the horizon? This tropical one shouldered dress from Ann Taylor is relaxed but pretty.

Ann Taylor Tropical One Shoulder

Embrace the Location

Beach or city? Lakeside or country? The location of your event should have a significant impact on what you wear. Think about your environment and what challenges or expectations it brings. If it is going to be 95 degrees in the shade and take place on sand then your coat dress and heels probably won’t cut it.

Choose Timeless Styles

Formal wear often represents a significant investment and the best outfits will take you to more than one event. This means it’s smart to choose a look that relies on timeless shapes and detailing. A hot trend may feel great for right now but it’s unlikely to last past the season. A classic cocktail dress will always look amazing. Pick this vintage inspired Vera Wang cocktail dress as part of your capsule wedding wardrobe.


Wear What You Love

Sometimes when we have an important social occasion to dress for we can feel under pressure. This can lead to us choosing a look that doesn’t really reflect our personal style. Your formal wardrobe should build on the blocks of your everyday style. Love boho? Add a boho note to your wedding look. Feel comfortable in unfussy lines? Pick a classic shift to rock at your next ceremony. Make your wedding look about you and what you love.

Layer Up

Great layering is at the heart of your wedding wardrobe. It can be vital for some religious wedding services and gives formality to your look. It’s also great if you have concerns about showing off your arms. Choose a versatile jacket or wrap that works with a range of looks. This Oscar De La Renta ruched jacket makes the perfect neutral addition to your wedding outfit.

Oscar De La Renta ruched jacket

Ensure your wedding style makes an impact this summer. Keep it classic, simple and always stylish.

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