There is something indefinable about French style. An ethereal elegance which translates into timeless casual chic. It never feels hard won, always looks naturally beautiful and can leave us mere mortals feeling like our personal style just doesn’t measure up. The truth is that classic French style is something we can all aspire to. It starts with an attitude, an easy confidence that is translated into clothes that rely on simple lines and beautiful quality. You can build your personal homage to French Girl style through a capsule wardrobe of just 6 items. Explore the pieces below and start building your own unique brand of Parisian chic.

The Chic Flat

French girls don’t drive. They don’t run. They stroll. Taking in the beauty of their surroundings in an easy walk. The perfect partner for this foot forward lifestyle is the ballet flat. Not only is it comfortable and feminine, it also goes with almost every look from a frothy sundress to a skinny jean. These Sam Edelman ballet flats in nude are the perfect go anywhere shoe. Use them as the foundation for your French wardrobe.

Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet Flats

The Timeless Trench

French style is based on contrasting shapes. The narrowness of a skinny jean with a billowing blouse or the classic Dior circle skirt with narrowed waist. A trench is a perfect way to add structure, contrast, and shape to any outfit while remaining timelessly practical. This loosely structured, almost masculine trench from London Fog would make the perfect addition to any Parisian wardrobe.

London Fog trench coat

The Breton Shirt

The Breton stripe defines French fashion without ever being a parody of it. It is the perfect cool and casual look for your daytime wardrobe. Partner it with red lips and bed tousled hair for a traditional French take on the look. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to Breton but we must admit to a particular lust for this Marc Jacobs, reverse Breton top. It’s gently scooped neckline and fluttering bell sleeve, give it a little extra edge on the competition.

marc jacobs breton shirt

The Perfect Skinny

Narrow trousers are a staple for French Women whether it is an elegant cigarette style or a daytime skinny jean in a simple dark wash. They can be cropped or long but should be narrow, practical and achingly well cut. These J Brand Carolina jeans from Nordstrom are super high waist and have the perfect long and lean shape for this look. Forget about rips and acid washes, the French way should be about dark indigo rinses and simple lines.

J brand skinny jeans carolina

The Classic Bag

The perfect bag to embody French style would be luxurious, elegant and simple. You rarely see French women flashing garish logos or statement accessories but, they, as a rule, choose gorgeously understated bags. Longchamp is one Parisian brand that embraces this ethos. Their ‘Le Pliage’ backpack makes the perfect bag around town.

Longchamp Le Pliage backpack

The Go Anywhere Scarf

One immediately recognizable aspect of French style is a scarf. Made of silk or another luxury material, it is knotted close to the neck for a classic look or even tied in the hair for a carefully undone finish. However you wear yours, make sure you pick a scarf that is undeniably beautiful. This silk scarf from Eileen Fisher has the perfect neutral palette and elegant sensibility to enhance your Gallic look.

French style is not so much a rule book as a state of mind. Dress with ease, elegance, and simplicity to find your French girl inspired look. Explore Shop It To Me today and start to discover your inner ‘Ooh La La’.