It happens all too often that I’m in a crowded or loud place, and can’t hear my phone ring.  Or when I hear a ring that I think is mine, but then it turns out it’s the phone of someone nearby – aggravation to the max!

Although texting and the phone vibrate setting can help ease these woes, fashion is now stepping in to the rescue!  Check out this new dress that lights up when the wearer’s phone rings!  Tennis star Maria Sharapova modeled the dress in a London department store last week.  Bluetooth technology links the wearer’s phone to the dress, and an entire panel of scales apparently flashes luminously to alert not just to you, but the world as well, that you have a call!


Only problem is that when you see someone calling that you don’t want to talk to, you can no longer use the excuse “I didn’t hear my phone!”  — if they’re nearby, you’ll be caught red-handed!  I think the extra blantant attention would deter me from wearing this dress, but maybe if there was a version using a ring, bracelet, or even belt, I’d bite!  (That way you could also wear it time and time again, not just once every few weeks).  Thoughts?

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