5 Spring Jackets That Solve Your Layering Problems


Winter weather can drag on and on making you totally dread grabbing your go-to layering pieces as you leave the house. Dread no more because these 5 spring jackets are so perfect for wearing right now and as the dreary weather transitions to spring. Best of all, some of these styles are recycled trends so chances are, you already have one in the back of your closet (one more reason to think twice before you toss last season’s jackets to the giveaway pile). Revive your layering game and prepare to be giddy when you leave the house in one of these 5 spring jackets.

Bomber Jackets


Bombers are another timeless style taken straight from the military look we draw so much style inspiration from each season. What makes bomber jackets so trendy right now? In a word, prints. Designers are using bold prints and patterns to shake up this classic style.

How to wear a bomber jacket now: a blouse tucked into a midi skirt with fringe booties.

Military Jackets


Think Michael Jackson. He popularized this style making it an iconic staple for many designers like Balmain and Louis Vuitton. Luckily, many brands have replicated this style making it more affordable for the masses. You can’t go wrong with this structured style.

How to wear a military jacket now: dark skinny jeans, booties and a graphic tee.

Lace Jackets


This fresh spin on layering will instantly become your new favorite trend. We’re seeing lace on all sorts of jacket styles making it a versatile piece with a feminine touch. It’s fun to feel girly, so add this to your femme-chic arsenal. Best part? You can replace your go-to formal outerwear with a lace jacket.

How to wear a lace jacket now: a fit and flare dress with a pair of sky-high pumps.

Tweed Moto Jackets


We wish we had thought this style up years ago. It’s like your favorite leather motorcycle jacket got together with your tweed blazer and made the most perfectly styled baby. The mix of structure and material will flatter any body type. We haven’t seen a ton of these jackets, but the few we have seen are must-haves.

How to wear a tweed moto jacket now:white jeans (yes, it’s ok to do this all year), a lace top and over-the-knee boots.

Puffer Coats


This style is on our lists of spring jackets because designers have seriously stepped it up when it comes to down or “puffer” coats. These coats are adapting to new silhouettes and it actually works. Puffer coats are now functional and fashionable which makes the cold spring days and nights even more tolerable.

How to wear a puffer coat now: a plaid shirt, boyfriend jeans and slip on shoes.

Craving more spring jackets? Here are some other styles to try now: wrap coats, trench coats, denim jackets, capes & ponchos