Urban_updater_logoLindsey from Urban Updater is here to show us 5 ways to be stylishly savvy in the New Year.  Be sure to check out her blog on discovering new trends, beauty, fashion, and relationship advice!

With every New Year comes New Year’s resolutions. It’s about time that you stop making that same resolution to go to the gym everyday (which usually lasts about a month) and make it something that you actually enjoy doing and that will save you money, right? We’re in a recession, so it’s time to become a stylish, smart-shopping Recessionista!


Here are a list of the 5 Best Shopping Resolutions to satisfy your fashion cravings while saving money.

  1. Don’t Buy Unless You Love It – Many of us see the sale rack and low prices and immediately HAVE to buy something. But, do you really *have *to buy something? Or are you just buying it because it’s on sale? Refrain from buying things just because. If it’s something you really love, then it’s a deal well spent!

  2. Shop Online – Shopping online makes it easy to shop whenever and wherever you want. Not to mention, when your package arrives, it’s like Christmas! Online shopping is totally worth your while for the promo codes.  Most sites online offer coupon codes that get you some sort of discount. Sites like RetailMeNot.com list them, and for Shop It To Me members, the codes are listed right below the corresponding retailer header bars in your emails. Other sites give you free gifts with purchase!

  3. Be More Fashion Classic Conscious – When you’re shopping, think to yourself, “will I be able to wear this next season?” Your finds will last much longer if you can wear them season after season. In other words, don’t buy things that are too trendy. Also, think about what you can pair with items you already have to create new outfits.

  4. Always Check the Return Policy – Most of our shopping is done on impulse. You go to a store, see something you like, and you buy it. Then you never wear it. Sound familiar? Statistics show that we only wear 25% of our clothing in our closet – what a waste! If you check the return policy and make sure you can return it, then buy away! But nothing is worse than buying something then not being able to return it!

  5. Give Yourself a Monthly Budget and STICK TO IT! – Resolutions are like diets – If they are too strict, we’re going to break it eventually. Which is why you should not deprive yourself completely. Make a realistic budget for fashion each month. If you limit yourself to how much you can spend, you’ll be thinking twice about those purchases. Also, if you really want something expensive, you can save for a few months and be able to splurge.