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How to Wear Scarves

Scarves are one of the easiest, most affordable ways to completely change the look of an outfit. There are, oh, about a bajillion ways to wear them, but here we’ll share some of our favorite fresh new styles to add to your wrap repertoire.


1.* Belt It*: Place the scarf around your neck, wear a blazer or cardigan on top and wrap a belt over the whole thing. Leave space between the ends if you don’t want to completely cover up your top.

  1. Knot It: This necklace-like style works especially well with long scarves.

  2. Loop It: Makeshift an infinity scarf by wrapping it around your neck and tucking in the ends.

  3. Wear It as a Headscarf: Wrap a long, thin scarf around your head to instantly transition from “bad hair day” to “boho fab”.

  4. Wear It as a Skirt: Warning — we recommend only wearing this style over an actual skirt or dress to avoid a potentially-embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. That said, when done properly it’s a perfect way to get a Grecian draped effect.

  5. Keep It Classic: Wrapping a scarf around your neck balances out a lower-cut top, but it can be worn with just about anything.

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We’d love to know — which style do you like best?