10 Savvy Holiday Shopping Tips

Store promotions abound, shopping has become slightly frantic and you have an inexplicable urge to purchase velvet and sequins. The holiday gift-giving season has officially arrived. Here are some tips to stay sane and keep your keep your spending in check this year.

Two shopping women_opt

  1. Get group gifts. Know something your best friend would love, but it’s too expensive to buy on your own? Go in on it with your other friends!
  2. Keep it classic. It’s best to let friends and family buy trendy items for themselves. Stick to accessories and classic brands like J. Crew, Banana Republic and Kate Spade.
  3. Don’t forget to give the gift of Salemail. It’s the holidays – don’t hog the savings for yourself!
  4. Feed their guilty pleasures. What do your family members love but feel guilty buying for themselves? Whether it’s fancy shampoo or designer eye shadow, these items often don’t cost much but feel special to receive.
  5. Think about what they’ve bought for you in previous years and buy them something similar. People have the tendency to buy things they like themselves as gifts.
  6. Use coupon codes. At this time of year, stores offer plenty of promotions, so no need to buy full price. In your Salemail, any applicable coupon codes are located under the retailer header bars.
  7. Give gift cards.Invite friends and get free gift cards – they make great stocking stuffers.
  8. Free Shipping Day. It’s coming up on December 17th! Hundreds of online retailers are participating, so take advantage.
  9. **Get items shipped directly to them. **If you don’t live nearby, save yourself the airport woes and ship items directly to your friends and family – but remember to check delivery dates.
  10. Have your family’s sizes on hand. Take note of your family’s clothing, shoe and belt sizes before doing online shopping or browsing the stores.