1 month from today, on December 2nd, Bravo’s new series “Launch My Line” will debut.

The show will take 10 talented fashion designers and pair them with 10 professionals from the business-side of the coin: from CEOs to those in event planning or the music industry.  They are rumored to be savvy individuals, but who can’t necessarily sew on a button to save their lives!  The show will be hosted by Dean and Dan Caten, twin brothers who created DSQUARED2.  Seems like it’s Bravo’s attempt to gain back the audience that it lost when “Project Runway” moved over to Lifetime this year.


“Project Runway” has been an amazing show throughout the seasons, showcasing designer talent and continually astounding the viewers as to what rising stars can accomplish.  But for those of us who are challenged when it comes to threading a needle or sketching (ahem, like me), this show may have even greater appeal.  I’m assuming that it will put a focus on the business folks who help the designers to achieve their vision, by creating the supporting strategy and implementing the tactics.  Reminds me of “The Apprentice” meets “Project Runway”.  It’s bound to be filled with drama, as the tenacity and artistic approach of the fashion designers is paired with competitive attitude of those who help to launch the line.

I personally can’t wait.  Tivo is set — Wednesday December 2nd, 11/10c!